Décupler sa productivité & mes conseils pour être productif·ve

Increase your productivity: my advice

1. Organization and planning

At the end of the week or Monday morning: take 10 minutes to plan your tasks for the week. Weekly.

Write a list of tasks: the important tasks (main), and on the other hand the slightly less important tasks (secondary).

Each morning :
1/ Either start your day straight away by focusing on the most important tasks.
This will ensure you've accomplished something meaningful, even if you're interrupted during the day.
2/ Either start with the small spots which are completed quickly, feeling like you have made good progress.

Important: do not overload yourself: frustration

On the contrary: task list completed: great satisfaction.

2. Work environment

- Pleasant, pleasant: a tidy desk, an office to your liking, a pleasant space.

- Distraction-free: mute network notifications, close distracting tabs

- Don't forget to take breaks

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