Des nouveaux produits made in Japan !

New products made in Japan!

New products arriving from Japan 🗾

A new category of products: washi tape!

I LOVE washi tape ❤️ When I was in Japan, as soon as I saw a stationery store or a ¥ 100 shop, I went to see their decorative adhesive tapes (also called "masking tape")! I used them to decorate my travel journal 📒 I find them so beautiful and of good quality 😍 That's why I decided to import some to France and offer some on my store - it was obvious to me!
Here is the selection that I offer you, for this January 12:

12 decorative washi-type adhesive tapes:

Set of 3 washi tape - Cherry, strawberry and blueberry | Bee & honey | Candy | Fireworks | Illumination & star | Kawaii fox and autumn | Pink Sakura (Cherry Blossom) | Pink and Silver Sakura (Cherry Blossom) | Mermaid | Sea turtle

washi tape red fruits cherry strawberry blueberry

washi tape mermaid and turtlewashi tape stars january

5 PET type decorative adhesive tapes:

Pink Coral | Constellation stamp | Strawberry stamp | Rabbit stamp | Lavender flower stamp

Japanese PET tape

Strawberry Japanese PET Tape

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New furoshiki!

For those who haven't followed the story on YouTube 👇

I had to return part of my stock of furoshiki to my supplier (the starry sky furoshiki and the koi furoshiki) because they had defects. Since then, my supplier reimbursed me and I was able to reinvest this money... in other furoshiki 🥰 And this time, my supplier comes straight from Japan 🇯🇵!
Kawaii Journal offers you three new furoshiki (spoiler: and the quality is incredible 😍) from January 12:

Furoshiki - Cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji

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Furoshiki - Snowy Forest

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Furoshiki - Snow Rabbit in Japan

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Refills for your pens supplied with the new furoshiki stone paper notebook!

You can now refill and/or change the ink in your Moyu pen supplied with the Kawaii Journal stone paper notebook !
Four colors are available from January 12:

Black ink | Blue ink | Pink ink | Purple ink

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Winter sales 2024 from January 10 to February 6 💰

In addition to the new products, since Wednesday, find discounts on notepads from the “Yuubae” collection (colors of the setting sun).

👉 Weekly Yuubae | A5 notepad
€7.00 EUR €5.50 EUR
👉 Notepad - Yuubae Sakura | To Do List A6
€5.50 EUR €4.75 EUR
€5.50 EUR €4.75 EUR
During this period you will also find free illustrations to download!

See you soon :)
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