des idées cadeaux pour noël en fonction du budget

Christmas is coming ! Last minute gift ideas

Christmas is fast approaching 🎄 It's time to think about gifts 🎁 that will warm the hearts of your loved ones ♥️. This year, why not opt ​​for a gift that combines utility and aesthetics?

Here is a list of ideas based on your budget 💰

Gift budget: less than €10

A gift for small budgets or to complement another gift: notepads ! 🌟

  • Practical: Notepads are perfect for taking notes or getting organized. Everyone needs to write a memo or notes, whether for errands, work or everyday life.
  • Cute: Kawaii Journal notepads are “kawaii” and inspired by Japan 🎎
Japanese notepads for Christmas

👉 Mount Fuji To Do List Notepad | Price: €5.5

Mount Fuji 🗻 one of the symbols of Japan, surrounded by stars ✨

👉To Do List Sakura Notepad | Price: €5.5

A notepad for those who love pink and sakura 🌸

👉Yuubae Notepad | Price: €5.5

Yuubae means “colors of the setting sun” in Japanese ☀️

Gift budget: €20

Do you want to encourage your loved ones to do good things for the planet 🌍? Give them furoshiki.

Do you want to have a little humor and offer a package within a package 😂? Give them furoshiki.

What are furoshiki? This is simply a Japanese method for wrapping your gifts with fabric (I will do a more detailed article on the subject soon). Furoshiki can be used for several years!

furoshiki Christmas fabric wrapping with garland

Find the pattern you like 👇

👉Set of 2 furoshiki, starry sky pattern | Price: 16€

👉Set of 2 furoshiki, koi carp and sakura pattern | Price: 16€

Gift budget: €30

🌟 Very special notebooks 🌟

1. An innovative and ecological notebook: stone paper pages for a green future

Why choose the stone paper notebook?

  • Usable (almost) endlessly: you can write in this notebook and erase your notes (using a damp cloth) up to 500 times!
  • Respect for nature : Each page of this notebook is produced sustainably, without cutting down a single tree. You are thus contributing to the preservation of our precious forests 🌲 . Additionally, stone paper is designed without the use of water or harmful chemicals.
  • Energy Saving: Making stone paper requires less energy than traditional pulp-based paper, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Endless cycle: As an added bonus, stone paper is infinitely recyclable, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

🌍 A gift for today and tomorrow!
By offering this notebook, you are making a gesture in favor of the environment while offering a practical and elegant gift. Your choice reflects your commitment to a greener planet.

Make this Christmas an eco-friendly celebration!

paper notebook christmas stone mount fuji

👉 Mount Fuji stone paper notebook | Price: 30€

2. A notebook for readers

If you have a loved one who likes to read, this reading notebook will undoubtedly please them! Whether they read classics, romance, fantasy, personal development or science fiction, whether they read one book per month or twenty books per month: this notebook is useful!

The Kawaii Journal reading notebook allows you to:

  1. Keep track of your readings and literary opinions 📖
  2. List your books and build piles to read 📚
  3. Challenge yourself to achieve your bookish goals 💪

reading book and garland

👉Reading notebook | Price: 30€


👉Cute coupons to personalize and give away | Price: 1€

👉Labels to download and print | Price: 1€

So, you have your choice? 😊

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