Ouverture de la boutique en ligne

Opening of the online store

Imagine a person with lots of ideas in mind.
Imagine a person full of motivation and passion.
Imagine a person whose dream has just come true.
Imagine a person who wants to shout it to the whole world:

I did it.
My own stationery store is open!
The Kawaii Journal website is online!

The 3-month full-time job (even on weekends!) that comes to fruition and sees the light of day 💪

3 months during which ideas came to me and I did countless research: How to open a self-employed business? What can I use for the website? Where to find illustrators? Where will I store my products? Where can I find eco-friendly boxes & packaging? How to make deliveries?

3 months during which I trained: company administration, software, types of papers.

3 months during which I designed the pages and covers of the notebooks and notepads.

3 months during which I interacted with the illustrators.

3 months during which I took care of the website , with product descriptions, photos and the blog.

3 months during which I was on target from 8 a.m., with maximum motivation, until late in the day (with a break at lunchtime to read a little 📖).

3 months that you can find on YouTube:

Kawaii Journal brings together all my passions: stationery, Japan and reading, a project that excites me as much as my one-year adventure in Japan!

And I still have so many ideas in mind 😍

So, I sincerely hope that you like the store and its products!

Mata don’t 🥰

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