Collection: Furoshiki and fabric wrappings

Furoshiki (fabric wrappers) & fabric pouches from Kawaii Journal

🗾 Furoshiki, Japanese fabric wrapping 🗾

Furoshiki is a fabric folding technique of Japanese origin. It is used to wrap gifts: it is the new zero-waste alternative for wrapping your gifts!
Kawaii Journal furoshiki are sized 50 x 50 cm, ideal for wrapping a gift the size of a notebook, a book or a small box.

✨ Japanese fabric pouches ✨

The pouches are made of Japanese chirimen fabric (Japanese weaving technique). The touch is very soft. Fabric pouches are very practical for storing different things: cosmetics, gifts, souvenirs, pens, money and many other objects. Kawaii Journal offers different pockets in a very Japanese style and in different sizes and with different closures (zipper or drawstring) depending on your needs.