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Japanese fabric tote bag - Sakura

Japanese fabric tote bag - Sakura

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🌸 Japanese fabric tote bag - Sakura 🌸

These tote bags with sakura motifs, cherry blossoms in Japan, are made from Japanese chirimen fabric, a Japanese weaving technique. They come in three different colors and patterns: Pink and purple, pink and blue. They are lined inside with cotton fabric.

The Japanese fabric tote bag - Sakura is thick and sturdy, it can be used to carry various things: notebooks, books or small groceries for example.

🌸 Characteristics of the Japanese fabric tote bag - Sakura 🌸

  • Three colors: Pink and purple / Pink / Blue.
  • Materials & components:
    • Japanese chirimen fabric (patterns)
    • Cotton (inner lining)
  • Dimensions: 33.5cm x 28cm
  • Two solid handles (18cm)
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Further information

The packages

  • Cushioning made from biosourced starch. Decomposes with water, leaves no toxic waste.
  • Adhesive tape made from bio-sourced and recyclable kraft paper.
  • 70% recycled and recyclable cardboard package.
  • Bubble padded envelope 80% recycled and recyclable.
  • Individual bag 50% recycled. Recyclable after sorting and collection at the company.
  • Thank you card with poppy seeds, to plant.


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