Des furoshiki pour emballer vos cadeaux

Furoshiki to wrap your gifts

Ecological and chic packaging: adopt furoshiki for your gifts 🎁

In a world where sustainability has become a major issue, it's time to rethink our habits, even when it comes to wrapping gifts.

👋 Goodbye to tons of single-use wrapping paper that ends up in the trash 👋


✨ Welcome to furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping with fabric, an alternative that is both ecological and elegant.✨

What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping technique using fabric to create reusable packaging. This centuries-old method is not only environmentally friendly but also adds a touch of authenticity to your gifts.

Why choose Furoshiki?

🌿 Eco-friendly and zero waste
One of the most obvious benefits of furoshiki is its contribution to reducing waste. By opting for reusable fabrics, you say goodbye to the waste of wrapping paper which, although pretty, is often thrown away after just one use. Adopting furoshiki means moving towards a zero waste and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

🎨 Limitless creativity
With furoshiki, each package becomes a unique work of art. The different fabric patterns and textures offer an endless palette to express your creativity. Plus, there's something special about giving a gift wrapped with love and thoughtfulness, all in beautiful fabric.

♻️ Infinitely reusable
Unlike wrapping paper, furoshiki is designed to be reused. You can use the same fabric to wrap gifts every year. This adds a signature to your presents, in addition to being good for the planet.

How to wrap with furoshiki?

1. Choose your Fabric
Opt for a fabric with patterns that match the occasion and/or that suit you. Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding or a party, any event is good for using a furoshiki!

2. Place the gift in the center
Place your gift in the center of the fabric. Make sure you have enough fabric on both sides to create a pretty bow.

3. Get creative
Experiment with different folds and knots to add a personal touch to your packaging. If you would like some examples, here is a video I made to inspire you:

4. Reuse and share
Once the gift is opened, you can:
  • collect the fabric and encourage your loved ones to do the same to create a chain of sustainability.
  • offer the furoshiki at the same time as your gift 🎁 to encourage your loved ones to use it in turn.

Where to find furoshiki?

Kawaii Journal offers you two different furoshiki patterns: the starry sky with shooting stars which can recall the Christmas spirit; and koi carp with sakura (cherry blossoms) which recalls the country of origin of furoshiki, Japan.

👉Set of 2 furoshiki, starry sky pattern | Price: 16€

👉Set of 2 furoshiki, koi carp and sakura pattern | Price: 16€

Conclusion: a simple gesture, a huge impact

Adopting furoshiki to wrap your gifts is not only an aesthetic choice, it is a concrete gesture to preserve our planet. If you plan to invest in reusable fabrics, your gifts will be wrapped with care, love and a hint of environmental responsibility. 🌍✨

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