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Kawaii Journal

Notepad - Yuubae Sakura | To Do List A6

Notepad - Yuubae Sakura | To Do List A6

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🌸 Notepad in A6 format with cherry blossoms, sakura 🌸

This notepad is a “To Do List”: a customizable task list . It allows you to list your tasks and check them off once they have been completed. Each sheet can be detached whenever you need.

Objectives: To avoid forgetting tasks and to avoid any procrastination ! 💪

📔 Features 📔

  • Illustration with cherry blossoms, sakura
  • Notepad in A6 format (148 x 105 mm)
  • 16 lines with check boxes
  • 50 detachable sheets
  • Sheets made of 80 g/m² recycled paper, recycled cardboard on the back and 100% recyclable ♻️
  • FSC® certified (C166462)
  • Printed by a french ecologically responsible company
  • Illustration by Kawaii Journal
    • Tracked delivery
    • Printed in France
    • Secure payments
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    • 💡 10 Ideas for using a To Do List 💡

      1. Daily To-Do List: Create a list to write down all the things you want to accomplish during the day.
      2. Project planning: Use it to organize the steps of your project, spreading them over several days or weeks.
      3. Long-term goals: Write down your dreams and the steps needed to achieve them.
      4. Preparing for your vacation: Create a list of things to do before your trip: reservations, shopping, preparations, etc.
      5. Personal Shopping List: Use this as a shopping list when shopping to avoid forgetting important items.
      6. Morning and nighttime routine: Establish your own daily routine by writing down activities to do in the morning and evening.
      7. Health Tracker: Use a list to note your medical appointments, medications, and fitness goals.
      8. Home cleaning project: Create a list of cleaning tasks to do in your home, spreading them out over several days.
      9. List of films, series, books to explore: Keep track of the films/series you want to watch and/or the books you want to read.
      10. Tracking your personal finances: Use a list to write down your expenses, bills owed, and savings goals.

        And much more !

    Customer Reviews

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    Alexa Dumas
    Carnet pour soi ou pour offrir

    Carnet de To Do List tout doux avec ses jolies fleurs de Sakura. Il est en plus assez grand pour les longues listes de choses à prévoir (comme les cadeaux de Noël ou les prochaines vacances :) ). Je l'ai acheté pour offrir et je suis sûre qu'il va plaire !

    Further information

    The packages

    • Cushioning made from biosourced starch. Decomposes with water, leaves no toxic waste.
    • Adhesive tape made from biosourced and recyclable kraft paper.
    • 70% recycled and recyclable cardboard package.
    • 80% recycled and recyclable bubble-padded envelope.
    • Individual bag 50% recycled. Recyclable after sorting and collection at the company.
    • Thank you card with poppy seeds, to plant.


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