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Kawaii Journal

Reading Journal | A5 reading notebook

Reading Journal | A5 reading notebook

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This reading journal is a pre-filled notebook in order to save you some time with 100 reading sheets 📖 to complete, while remaining customizable!

❔ What is a reading notebook ❔
A reading notebook allows each reader to keep a written record of their reading, their book to read list or their bookish desires/wishlist, as well as challenge themselves if they wish.

📔 Features 📔

  • Soft touch soft cover (peach skin effect)
  • A5 format (210 x 148 mm)
  • 244 pages in 80g/m² white paper
  • Closure with elastic
  • 1 gusset at the end of the notebook (to slip in your receipts or stickers)
  • Illustration by Kawaii Journal
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    • Printed in France
    • Secure payments
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    • 📖 List of pages 📖

      • 1 page for name and year
      • 1 “Challenge/Objectives” page to challenge yourself
      • 1 page of “Book tracker” with 150 coloring boxes
      • 1 page "Reading pile tracker" with the 12 months of the year
      • 11 pages of “Reading Pile” 📚 (220 lines in total)
      • 12 “Wishlist” pages (possibility of making a page for each month of the year)
      • 4 pages of “Ongoing Saga” (80 lines in total)
      • 100 "Book Review" sheets which consist of a double page: a page for writing your bookish opinion + a free page (personal creation, illustration, printing of the cover, photos of the themes, more detailed opinion, rating by theme, etc... it's according to your wishes!).
      • 11 pages of notes (dotted lines)
      • 1 page of “Review”

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Catheline Bardy
    Beau et pratique

    Le carnet est sublime. Et moi qui ai eu des pannes lectures ces dernières années, je pense que ça va me motiver et me redonner goût à lire plus. Se voir avancer dans ces lectures, suivre sa PàL, c'est très satisfaisant.
    Vu mon rythme de lecture, je pense qu'il pourra me tenir 2 ou 3 ans :)

    J'adore !

    C'est mon tout premier carnet de lecture et j'adore ! C'est une grande satisfaction de terminer un livre et de le retranscrire dans le carnet. J'ai l'impression de faire une sorte de "collection" et ça me motive à lire plus ! J'apprécie particulièrement l'espace où je colle la couverture imprimée du livre (je l'imprime avec 9-10 cm de largeur).

    Further information

    The packages

    • Cushioning made from biosourced starch. Decomposes with water, leaves no toxic waste.
    • Adhesive tape made from bio-sourced and recyclable kraft paper.
    • 70% recycled and recyclable cardboard package.
    • Bubble padded envelope 80% recycled and recyclable.
    • Individual bag 50% recycled. Recyclable after sorting and collection at the company.
    • Thank you card with poppy seeds, to plant.


    Please note: colors may vary depending on your screen.

    The returns

    Returns must be made in their original condition and complete (including packaging) allowing them to be remarketed in new condition, accompanied by the purchase invoice. Damaged, soiled or incomplete products will not be returned.