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Erasable stone paper notebook pack - Mt Fuji | Black ink

Erasable stone paper notebook pack - Mt Fuji | Black ink

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🌿 Innovative and ecological notebook: stone paper pages for a green future 🌿

A notebook with fluid writing on waterproofed pages resistant to use. The special ink used is an erasable one: you can write in the erasable stone paper notebook - Mt Fuji, erase with a damp cloth and rewrite on the same page! Discover this exceptional notebook whose each stone paper page embodies the future of sustainability. 👇

📔 Features 📔

  • Theme: Mt Fuji in Japan, under a starry sky and its reflection in the lake 🗻
  • 700g/m² satin hardcover
  • Spiral binding
  • A5 format
  • 40 pages of stone paper
  • Weight: 335g
  • Size: 21 x 15.5 x 1.2 cm

📦 One order = 8 products! 📦

  • 1x stone paper notebook - Mt Fuji
  • 1x cloth
  • 1x Moyu pen (black ink)
  • 1x pen holder
  • 1x water spray bottle
  • 3x black ink refills
  • Bonus: a notebook purchased = a tree planted in Kenya 🌳

Opt for stone paper with the stone paper notebook - Mt Fuji, ideal for eliminating disposable paper. 💪


  • Tracked delivery
  • Printed in the Netherlands
  • Secure payments
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  • 📖 List of pages 📖

    • 3 pages of To Do list (task lists)
    • 4 weekly pages / weekly planner / weekly agenda
    • 20 lined pages
    • 4 blank, white pages
    • 4 dotted pages
    • 5 pages with tiles
carnet papier pierre moyu mont fuji différentes pages

A notebook = 6 different pages

  1. To Do list pages : to write down your tasks and/or set your objectives, with a circle to check and a column to note the priority of the task.
  2. weekly planner / weekly diary pages to organize your week with three columns for each day.
  3. lined pages for taking notes.
  4. blank, white pages to let your imagination run wild.
  5. dotted pages for those who like bullet journals.
  6. pages with tiles to make diagrams.
  • ❔ How to use a stone paper notebook ❔

    1. Write or draw in your notebook with a Moyu pen 🖊️
    2. A few drops of water 💧 and erase the ink using a cloth
    3. Start writing again 🖊️
carnet papier pierre moyu mont fuji stylo

A notebook = (almost) unlimited use

  1. Take your notes with the special Moyu pen that comes with your order. The pen contains original Frixion ink. The ink dries completely on the stone paper.
  2. Erase easily without leaving any marks: dampen the cloth provided with a little water and wipe off the ink. The area is pristine again.
  3. Rewrite in your notebook.

You can repeat these operations up to 500 times!

👉 Download the guide here or watch the video 👇

  • ❔ Why choose a stone paper notebook ❔

    By choosing this notebook, you are choosing an environmentally friendly product, since its pages are produced without cutting down a single tree.

    In addition, its production consumes less energy and produces fewer CO2 emissions than a traditional notebook.

    Paper stone is made from 80% limestone and 20% clean plastic, all without using water or chemicals in its manufacturing process. This production method is not only more economical, but also significantly more ecological than that of traditional paper made from pulp.

    In addition, stone paper is completely and infinitely recyclable, allowing you to actively contribute to the preservation of our planet while benefiting from a product of exceptional quality.

    The notebook is produced by Moyu, a company located in Amsterdam.

    For more information: the Moyu website .

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Further information

The packages

  • Cushioning made from biosourced starch. Decomposes with water, leaves no toxic waste.
  • Adhesive tape made from bio-sourced and recyclable kraft paper.
  • 70% recycled and recyclable cardboard package.
  • Bubble padded envelope 80% recycled and recyclable.
  • Individual bag 50% recycled. Recyclable after sorting and collection at the company.
  • Thank you card with poppy seeds, to plant.


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